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Fence Rental FAQ

What types of fences does CountryWide Fence Rental offer?

CountryWide Fence Rental provides a variety of fencing options, including chain-link fences, panel fences, barricades, gates, and windscreens. Our diverse inventory allows us to cater to a wide range of needs.

How do I choose the right type of fence for my project?

To determine the best fence for your project, consider factors such as the purpose of the fence, site conditions, and any specific requirements. Our experienced team can assist you in making the right selection based on your needs.

Can I rent a combination of different fence types for a single project?

Yes, you can mix and match fence types to meet the specific requirements of your project. Contact our customer service team to discuss your needs, and we will provide a customized solution for you.

Are windscreen options available for rental?

Yes, we offer windscreens as part of our rental options. Windscreens are an excellent choice for enhancing privacy, reducing wind exposure, and providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Discuss your specific requirements with our team to include windscreens in your rental package.

How is the rental cost determined for each type of fence?

The rental cost depends on the type of fence, the quantity needed, and the duration of the rental. You can request a personalized quote by filling out our online form on the website or contacting our customer service team directly.

Are the fences suitable for events and construction sites?

Yes, our fences are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including events, construction sites, and security needs. We offer solutions that meet the unique demands of each setting.

Can I rent gates along with the fence for my project?

Absolutely! CountryWide Fence Rental provides gate options to complement your fencing needs. Whether you need pedestrian gates or larger vehicle gates, we can include them in your rental package.

How is the installation and removal process managed for rented fences?

Our professional team handles the entire process, including delivery, installation, and removal of the rented fences. We ensure that the fences are securely installed and meet all safety standards.

Can I make specific requests for the installation, such as gate placement or windscreen height?

Yes, we encourage you to communicate any specific requests or preferences during the rental inquiry process. Our team will work with you to accommodate your needs and ensure that the installation meets your expectations.

What measures are taken to ensure the stability and security of the rented fences?

Our installation team follows industry best practices to secure fences properly. We use reliable anchoring methods and take into consideration site conditions to ensure stability and security. For additional inquiries or assistance, please contact our customer service team. We appreciate your interest in CountryWide Fence Rental!